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I first opened my Etsy shop in March 2012, and since then I've learned first-hand the importance of gaining followers and customers. I am a firm believer in supporting small businesses and entrepreneurship. Small businesses are the engine of job growth in this economy according to the the That's why I decided to create the Etsy Guide segments here on my blog. I devote lots of time to scouring the thousands of shops on Etsy and I love sharing my favorite findings with you all! Shop owners do not pay to have their items featured. I provide the advertisements free of charge and all items are chosen strictly at my discretion. If you have an Etsy shop you would like to share with me, just email me and I would be happy to check it out!
             Vintage Gifts                         Christmas Entertaining           
Children's Gifts                                  Men Gifts  

            Black and White                        New Year's Eve 

             Triangles                                           Emerald

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