Every day I am so inspired by blogs like this , this , and this, and many more (see on right), that I decided it was time to start my own! I'm excited to get back into the blog world, and I hope to make this blog as interesting and exciting my old one (see here)!
So if you're wondering whether or not you should add me to your daily blog reel, I'll let you know what this blog is all about. I'll be sharing my outfit ideas, great places to shop for bargains, how to make your own clothes and accessories, and a little bit of my everyday life in the ATL! I'm definitely no fashion expert, and certainly no model, but I do tend to get a lot of people who ask me where I get my clothes. Well, here's your answers!
So, let's begin! Here's what I wore to work today!

Skirt: I got from Target a couple of weeks ago. I love the pleating and huge bow detail.
Top: An oldy (probably high school) from Abercrombie I pulled from the back of my closet. It's too short to wear with jeans, but it was perfect for this high waisted skirt. It also provides a touch of sparkle and has really great embroidery detail.
Sweater: Old Navy. I love grandpa sweaters! They are perfect for a freezing theater or restaurant. They can also turn a strapless dress into an work-appropriate outfit! I own 4! Ha!
Shoes: Old Navy. Why I chose to wear suede shoes during the torrential downpours today, I'm not too sure. I like how they sort of fade away so the rest of my outfit can speak for itself.
Earrings: Bridesmaid gift courtesy of Melissa.
Purse: Lotus Boutique- my favorite boutique in Birmingham! My sister gave me this for Christmas.

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