Tag, I'm it!

I have been tagged to answer 8 questions about myself by another fashion blogger named Meek! Check out Meek's adorable blog here.

1. What is you all time favorite store to shop in? Wow, this is so hard to choose! The majority of my clothes probably come from Forever 21. I love their great prices! If money was no object I would say Anthropologie!
2. Use one sentence to sum up what your personal style is. My style is the preciousness of the Zoey Deschanel cotton comercial meets the sophisticated charm of The Notebook, with a twist of Carrie Bradshaw's risk-taking flair . (or so I wish--hehe)
3. Do you shop online? if yes what is your favorite website? Yes.... guilty! Shopstyle.com is great~! If you are looking for something specific you can type it in and it will pull up all the stores that offer it! Shop it to Me is also one of my fav's. It's like having a personal stylist email you everyday! You should def sign up!
4. You have been given some money to spend on your self. What are you going to use it for? A new sewing machine! One of those computerized, embroidery ones!
5. What is the first thing you do when you get home from a hard days work? Blog and eat!!
6. What is your favorite thing to do with your girl friends? Go to the beach! (Which will be happening in about 7 days~ yay!)
7. If your house was on fire and you could save something from your closet what would it be? My wedding dress!! I'll never wear it again, but I would just hate to see it go!
8. What is the most expensive thing in your closet? Again, my wedding dress. Although I saved a lot of money by making it myself, the fabric still cost more than any thing else I own. :)

So, now I have to come up with 8 more questions of my own and tag 8 more people. Neat idea and a great way to get to know people!
1. What movie best describes your style?
2. Where do you find inspiration for your outfits?
3. How do you feel about thrift store shopping?
4. What's the next item of clothing you really want to buy?
5. What's your favorite color to wear?
6. If you could shop in any city in the world, what city would you choose?
7. Do you have an item of clothing from the past that you really regret wearing?
8. Which is more important to you when shoe shopping, style or comfort?

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And now, on to day 20.................


  1. I loooove your top from day 20! As in when it goes missing from your closet there is a good chance I stole it ;) You have such great styl!

    I will answer these questions tonight on my blog :) I probably won't ask another 8 questions though since I just did that and i'm not creative enough to think of another 8 ;) Your questions are great though! I can't wait to answer them xo

  2. Ditto Melissa...heck, it's going to be hard to answer those!

  3. Loved reading your answers Natalie! You should do a feature on your wedding dress/bridesmaids dresses (if you made those too) for your wedding anniversary, and anything else you did for your special day!

    I think people would really love to read about that, I know I would! :)


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