Day 7: Those boots again....

Yep. Here they go again. And you haven't even seen the last of them either! They go with jeans, they go with shorts, and apparently they go with dresses.......

{dress: Forever 21, boots: Belk, necklace: Forever 21}

By the way, thanks for the advice on the maxi skirt yesterday! What would I do without you guys? ;) So maybe my fears of wearing it during the day were a little unwarranted. I've decided to definitely try wearing it to the office and other daytime activities~ like perhaps Thanksgiving lunch?!


  1. It's awesome that your boots are so versatile, I love it when that happens! you look great in the dress, very bohemian! =)

  2. Boots are the denim jacket of footwear. They dress it up, they dress it down, and always do what you want them to do. Love me a good pair of boots!

  3. yay boots that go with everything.
    gorgeous dress on you, too!

  4. GREAT outfits.. I love your dresses and long skirts!!! am also doing the 30 for 30 so will be back to say hi and see what other great stuff you come up with!!

  5. Those boots do go with everything! Looking good!
    The Auspicious Life

  6. That dress is perfection! And the boots look great with it!


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