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One part comedy show, one part fashion show-- Friday's style chat at Macy's with Clinton Kelly was super fun! You guys remember the fabulous Clinton from TLC's What Not to Wear, right? I was a huge fan of the show, and was so excited for the opportunity to see Clinton in person!!

It's one thing watching Clinton and Stacy dig on fashion victims on TV, but seeing Clinton tell this woman she dressed like a sister wife in person was next level awkwardness. I sat back and laughed and sometimes cringed a little bit. One lady he helped had on backless shoes and socks. Yikes. 
Then Clinton took some audience questions! He was able to answer all of our fashion dilemmas so easily! It was cool hearing his opinion on things like red lipstick and vintage clothing.
 Then there was a little fashion show!
Clinton Identified some great trends for Fall, so I decided to round up my favorites and tell you where you can find them! First was skater skirts! These are so fun and can be flattering on many body types.
                 (here)                                    (here)                                        (here)

Then Clinton mentioned Distressed Denim. BUT! If you were wearing this trend in the 90's chances are you are too old to pull this off today.
                   (here)                                 (here)                                    (here)
Sweaters are always in style, but this season they are really oversized! This preggo lady thanks the fashion gods for this one!!
                      (here)                            (here)                                    (here)

In case you missed it, here are a few more tips I picked up and live tweeted during the show! Follow 11th Thread on Twitter for more live fashion event coverage in Atlanta!

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