Make your wardrobe a little more gleeful!!

So, it is May and it is rainy and just a little too chilly for May if you ask me. The other day, I looked down at my outfit and I guess I had subconsciously dressed for my mood--dark and dreary. I was wearing all gray!! I needed to snap out of it! It is Spring, you know? It may not look or feel like it, but it is!! I just needed that one little spark of inspiration to help me kick off the summer time spirit! And then I watched....

I guess those Cheerios can really brighten my day! I sort-of secretly wish this show was my real life--that I could be walking down the halls at work, passionately singing a Beetles medley as other co-workers pop their heads up from their cubicles and harmonize with me and dance. But since this is reality, I have decided that I don't have to sing like the Glee cast to make my day cheery, I can just dress like them!! So I put together a few inspiration boards.You may not run out and buy the unicorn sweater dress (lol-- I just had to put that in there), but hopefully they will inspire your wardrobe as much as it has mine!

My first inspiration board comes from Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele. Rachel's style is sort of nerdy-school-girl chic! She really makes me wanna rock some knee high socks~!

The 2nd set of inspiration boards come from Emma Pilsbury, played by Jayma Mays. Emma's style is feminine and professional. The most inspiring part is the COLOR! I mean WOW! I would never think to put together a monochromatic gold outfit, or bright pink with bright teal, but I will definitely have to try these looks--as soon as that J.Crew skirt goes on sale. ;)

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