Style Challenge: Victor Victoria

Jessica over at What I Wore is hosting another style challenge!! It's called Victor Victoria---either wear something super lady-like or dashing menswear. I guess being the southern-gal that I am, most things in my closet were leaning towards the lady-like side. The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of "Victoria" it this dress!

What says lady-like more than polka dots, ruffles, and bows??

This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. It is so special because it used to belonged to my mom. She wore it to her wedding rehearsal dinner 27 years ago. :)

To top off the look, I decided to add my Steve Madden patent peep-toe pumps and some socks(from the Target kids section-haha)!

Don't these photos feel like they should look old like this??

I couldn't think of a closing line so Matt helped me out: "You stay classy blogosphere. Thanks for stopping by."


  1. Very lovely! I haven't whipped up the courage yet to sport ankle socks, but you've done a great job.


  2. That dress is beyond awesome... and that it belonged to your mother makes it even better. The details are so pretty... I covet:)!


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