There's a lot of Vera in my closet...

I know what you're thinking... "I thought this was a fashion blog, why do I see pictures of plates??!!" Well, just hold on a minute! This post has to do with Vera Wang, who is in fact a fashion designer, but she does however design a number of other things......like china.... and for some reason mattresses??! So therefore, I have deemed this post appropriate for my blog...so stay tuned! ;)
Today over at Kelly's Korner (yet another one of my all time favorite blogs) she is hosting "Show us your life Friday." The topic of today is China Patterns!!

It seems like just yesterday, Matt and I were standing in Bed Bath and Beyond while I was trying to make one of the most grueling choices a girl can ever make in life--what china pattern to choose......the china pattern that you will have for the REST of your life and maybe even the china passed down to my future great grandchildren,....I knew I better choose wisely!! Some people even suggested that I not even register for fine china~ "you'll never use it!"~ they say (In my family we use paper plates-- even for Thanksgiving and Christmas), but when I saw this pattern~the simplicity of the white and silver with a touch of whimsical polka-dots and the signature of the great Vera Wang scripted on the back of each piece, I knew I had to have it!!

Now, 9 months into our marriage, it is still sitting in boxes stacked in my closet. I am waiting until we can move into a house so I can buy a big china cabinet to display all my pretty collection and so I can host fabulous dinner parties and family Thanksgiving dinners.

Until then I will just tell everyone I have a lot of expensive Vera Wang in my closet......:)


  1. Those are gorgeous... I would definitely want to display them.

  2. So pretty! We hardly use ours but it doesn't matter because I love it so much!

  3. Oh goodnes they are so pretty and fancy!! Love it!!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. This is my favorite china pattern and if I had registered for china, it would have been the chosen winner! Classic and timeless.

  5. I have the same pattern! I love it!

  6. Dear Natalie, what lovely china. Such beautiful lines. So elegant

  7. Ohmigosh! I actually looked at this china at one point! I love it. It's the epidomy of elegance!

  8. SO glad you chose to get some! Those people are crazy that say not to!!


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