She wears the pants!

So, I went on a little fashion binge this weekend!  (No, for your information, I didn't max out my credit card at the mall.......although I might have had Matt let me take the credit card...;). Instead, I spent a good 2 hours sitting in Barnes and Noble sipping Starbucks and catching up on the latest fall trends~  it was heaven! So, what one Fall trend am I most pumped about? The Pants!
Yes that's right, Elle Magazine claims pants are the must-haves for Fall. At first, I was thinking.....wait....pants??!! Did they ever go out of style? Well no not really, but they were definitely out of the spotlight. Think about it~ the past few seasons have been all about the dresses!  I mean, good luck finding a great pair of pants amongst all the leggings last season! I even had to start pretending like leggings were pant substitutes!  Not this season! A/W 10 brings us a bountiful array of gorgeous wide leg trousers, sexy high waist skinnies, and chic boot-cut slacks~! Gimme Gimme!
So.. ..I then proceeded to spend another good couple of hours online looking for some affordable pant options for Fall! I couldn't really decide between all these.................

1. Urban Outfittters $58 Skinny Cargos~ I would have to buy the socks and shoes too!

2. Newport News . $49 Stretch wide legs- These look so comfy yet so chic!

3. Loft $69.50 Skinny Riding Pant- Ok, just the name sold me. Annnd I'm loving the olive green trend!

4. J.Crew : $59.50 Everyday Chino~ I love how they can be worn rolled up or down!

5. Forever 21: $19.80 Skinny Chinnos~ these are the best value, and they're just as cute!!

6. Free People $68 pink skinny cordoroys. ~ I mean.....how presh?!!

7. Anthropologie $49.50: Orion's Belt Trousers~ They're studded!!!

8. Americn Apparel $75 Calvary Twill High Waist Pleated Pant: I just love this 60's menswear look!

I guess you could say I had a productive weekend! Now, all I have to do is choose a pair!

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  1. I like the first pair the best, but they're all great! :)


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