For our anniversary last weekend, we decided to take a little trip to Charleston, SC. We rented a cute little private yacht for a couple of nights~ it was quite an adventure! I just had to wear my striped blazer with nautical buttons~ of course!

I discovered the yacht through a really neat website called airbnb. You should check it out if you're looking for a unique vacation experience! Neither of us had ever been on a yacht before, so we thought it would be a fun way to celebrate our one year!

Once we figured out how to work the toilet and got used to the constant smell of gasoline it turned out to be really romantic~ haha! It was neat to be able to sun tan and watch for dolphins from the bow of the yacht. It even had a little kitchen and cable TV (so Matt didn't have to miss his football game). We were able to walk to some great seafood restaurants and the beach.

 I wore this blazer again, but this time I decided to dress it down by pairing in with denim cut-offs (a little shipwreck island-ish perhaps?). It was extremely hot so for the remainder of the trip I pretty much just wore a swimsuit! We even had to sneak into a nearby resort's pool to cool off (I was a little skiddish about diving into the middle of the ocean).

The sunsets were absolutely gorgeous! I think I want to move here when I retire. What an adorable little beach cottage community!

Outfit Details:
Top: Loft
Blazer: H&M
Shorts: Arden B. (cut off and frayed by me)
Shoes: Target


  1. I love this outfit! the bold stripes are so great with the yellow shoes.

  2. i love this outfit and pictures.
    you look beautiful.
    i looooove that blazer. you can never go wrong with black and white stripes.

  3. I love this outfit! that sounds like a perfect little get-away to me... I'll have to check out if that is available on Lake Michigan near me. Fun!

  4. How adorable are you? Love the outfit and the photos! What a romantic little getaway too, I'm going to have to look into it for my and my hubbie :)

  5. Gorgeous! K just applied to a job in Charleston--I'd be stoked if he got it!

  6. A getaway on a yacht! How very posh. ;)
    I'm dying to see Charleston. Glad to read that you, the man and your adorable jacket had a great trip!

  7. such a cute outfit!!! i'm moving to Charleston this weekend!

  8. that blazer is awesome. you're making me regret not purchasing it this summer.


  9. You are KILLING me with the chicness of this outfit (and backdrop!) Thanks for the tip on the flats, too. I've been meaning to pick up some of that blister block, but wasn't sure if it worked. Now I'm definitely going to pick up a tube!


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