I blame Nate Berkus...

I ran into Target the other day to grab "toothpaste" (wink wink), but as usual I had to make a quick detour through the clothing section. (Why do they have to put all that cute stuff right up front and all the toiletries in the very back of the store?!) That's when I spotted this lone polka-dot, bow tie top hanging in the very back of a rack....in my exact size....HELLO LOVER! I inserted it into my shopping cart immediately.

The top also just so happened to be from the Tucker for Target collection--all the more reason to buy it! I learned on Nate Berkus the other day that all these special designer collections for Target will be worth something some day! They are collector items! So, if I go over budget this month, I blame it on Nate.

The pumpkin spice colors are just perfect for Fall too! I decided to pair it with my plaid shorts. I added the socks with the sandals just to feel a little more Fall-ish.

Two lessons to be learned: 1.Next time you need toothpaste, go to CVS. 2. The best clothes are always hidden in the back of the racks!

Top: Tucker for Target
Shorts: Express
Socks: Forever 21
Sandals: Steve Madden
Cardigan: Old Navy
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  1. I've had my eye on a couple of the Tucker for Target items for awhile now. I'm hoping they'll go on sale soon (fingers crossed!). Maybe I should go with your theory and buy them now...they'll be worth the investment :)

  2. i have this shirt. i am putting off wearing it because i love it so much. i am weird. i love that they made it orange. i have little to none orange pieces. you styled it amazingly. i love it.

  3. I just went to Target over the weekend on my excursion across the border and oh la la the Tucker for Target line is dreamy. I love the fabrics!

    PS: I'd love for you to pop by my blog and enter in my first ever giveaway!

    Yours Truly


  4. I've wanted that top ever since I saw it. It's just too adorable! It would look great with this skirt I have in my closet. And you of course make it look even more adorable!

  5. Omg this happens to me every single time i got to target...cvs is the best route...the shirt is adorable and looks great on you!

  6. i snagged a top from this line for target as well! love the vintage feel of that top! so cute xo


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