Day 3: Kelly Kapowski

I'm was so excited to have my photographer (my wonderful husband) back today for pictures! It's been kind of awkward lugging the step stool to the top floor of the parking garage and using self timer......(so not chic). Today, we were able to go out into a public courtyard and snap away~!

I felt a little like Kelly Kapowski in my leggings and tennies! Looove it! I'm even wearing Bayside colors aren't I? These shoes are the most comfy ever!! They're sort of a great mix of one part chucks and one part brogues. When I saw Tieka wearing them with a dress the other day, I thought I would give it a whirl! I think it's such an unexpected choice with a dress~but such a great one too!

{dress: H&M, leggins: Forever 21, shoes: Target, earrings: Forever 21}
By the way, Happy Veteran's Day everyone! Take a little time to remember those who serve our country. :)


  1. i love the colors together even if they are bayside colors..
    haha..you crack me up.
    aren't husbands wonderful?!!
    you look beautiful, as always.

  2. I got those shoes after Tieka wore them too! They're so comfy!

  3. The dress is a beautiful color on you.

  4. I have color envy...that dress is gorgeous on you. I'm wearing way too much black in 30x30.

  5. Oh, I used to love Saved by the Bell. Lisa Turtle was my idol back then, lol! I used to have that same dress in blue... not sure what happened to it though.

    Happy Remixing!


  6. This dress is really lovely! I love its colour, it is so fall appropriate!


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