Day 4: A day of Rest

I decided to keep my outfit laid-back for a lazy Sunday afternoon, so after church I slipped into a cozy t-shirt and shorts! I added the thermal leggings and boots to make it a little more Fall-appropriate. I just love easy Sundays with nothing to do! Sometimes, you just need a day to unwind from a busy week~! That's why God made Sunday right? ;)

The leaves have finally changed colors down here. It is absolutely beautiful! And the weather has been in the 70's! Love it! Now I'm ready for Thanksgiving!

{Top: Target, Cardigan: Old Navy, Shorts: Express, Leggings: Forever 21, Boots: Belk, Necklace: boutique}
Have a great week everyone!


  1. You are so lovely girl! I always do that after church too..I get into the comfiest thing that I can! hehe. Hope you're having a great rest of your weekend. I love your hair by the way, just had to say it..it always looks so healthy and good! x

  2. oh my gosh, I love this. I'm such a sucker for something that looks & feel comfy - and is at the same time!

  3. Kate, thank you! I think my hair looks like that because of the cross process thing I use to edit all my photos on picnik.com. It sort of makes it look darker and blends away any fly-aways. So, unfortunately I don't have any tips to make hair look good in real life~ haha! ;)
    Alessandra~ thanks! Lately I've been craving comfy clothes and wearing them non-stop!

  4. I just love this outfit... i too love the indulgence of sneaking into comfy clothes after church. No better feeling!

  5. Oooh I love your outfit & your blog!! So glad I found it!

    I'm a fellow remixer & your newest follower! ;)

    Can't wait to see your next outfit!

  6. I love this outfit! It looks so simple, but stylish! I hardly wear shorts in the summer, but now I really want to try them with tights (after the challenge...didn't include any in my 30)! :)

  7. Loving all the neutrals! Perfectly simple. Those shorts are the most. adorable. thing. ever.

  8. I love, and want, and NEED this entire outfit. You are outrageously cute.


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