Day 5: Ray of Sunshine

The weather was still dark and dreary when I woke up this morning, so I decided to throw on my brightest top, hoping it would brighten my mood. Well, it worked! That along with a hot shower, a little Starbucks, and a toaster strudel.

I bought this sweater a while back. It was part of Sarah Jessica Parker's short-lived line called Bitten. Too bad Steve and Barry's went bankrupt just when I had discovered this cute collection that had nothing over $20~! Sad!

{Sweater: Steve and Barry's, Top underneath: Loft, Pants: Target, Boots: Belk, Purse: Dolce and Gabanna, Necklace: Forever 21}


  1. I love your outfit and the bag! It is definitely cheery. I kind of miss SJP's Bitten line since it was so cheap and affordable. =)

  2. I totally understand wearing bright colors on gloomy days...it's been so nasty outside! And I totally remember SJP's Bitten line...I have a herringbone blazer from it!

  3. That sweater could brighten up any gloomy day! I can't believe you are doing the challenge again. All you 2nd timers are crazy! Crazy in a good way.


  4. Love that sweater! Definitely a great color to brighten up cold winter days. :)

  5. Wow, it's like you're replacing the sun with this colorful and warm outfit. Love it!

  6. That sweater= dreamy! It compliments your hair colour SO nicely, and looks lovely with your picture location (this should be in a movie).

  7. Ah yes. I discovered Bitten just before Steve & Barry's shut down too! So sad. I still have a few gems left from my one time shopping trip there. Mine are still holding up as I see yours are too. Love that punch of color!

  8. I miss Bitten so much! The shoes were amazing, and if you caught a sale, O.M.G. I think I bought 4 pairs one day for less than $40. I cried a little when I learned it was gone. I love this sweater! I can't really wear this color, so whenever I see it done right (like on you) I get a little jealous! :)


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