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Have you noticed some bloggers have started listing of 5 or 10 things that were the highlights/favorite things of their week. I LOVE this idea and I'm thinking I will try and start doing that too!  I thought it would be sort of a digital equivalent to Oprah's gratitude journal idea.  I know some weeks it will be a stretch to try and find 5 things, but I want to try and look for the good things no matter what kind of week I'm having!  It may be as simple as a new lip stick, but I think it's great to step back and enjoy life's little blessings~ right?! Ok, so here goes this week's:
1. Watching  a film crew interview people for Food network's The Great Food Truck Race.

2. Marveling at the gorgeous aqua color of the ocean on our trip to Panama City, FL.

3. Discovering Thomas' Donuts for the first time--- OMG amazing red velvet donuts and cute pink boxes.

4.Embracing the cheesiness of  souvenir shops at the beach.

5. Reading (yes..me..reading..shocking)  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

6. Loving this guy for letting me drag him out to the beach everyday (not his fav--lol).

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  1. red velvet donuts sound delicious and the steig larsson are so good! this looks like a great week to me!

    dash dot dotty


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