House Hunting

Matt and I have decided to start the exciting, emotionally-draining, scary, grown-up person journey known as.....house hunting! While we love our cozy little apartment, we are ready to start investing our money in a house (umm..yikes!). We are hoping to take advantage of some great deals caused by the bad economy. Annnd we wouldn't mind having an extra bedroom since we frequently entertain out-of-town guests. I can't wait to have a room to sew in other than the middle of the living room~ha!

I have been having fun browsing trulia.com and saving my favorite houses for several months now, and we spend our weekends driving around the city checking out various neighborhoods. I find I'm drawn to the craftsman styles like these:

Aren't they just cute?!  I just love porches!

Who knows? We may not buy a house for a while, but it's so fun to look and dream about how I would decorate each one. We're leaving everything in God's hands. :)


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