Vest with the fur.

It was so tough leaving for work yesterday morning with my husband still warm, cozy, and fast asleep in bed while I braved the frigid 34 degree weather (hey, that's pretty cold to us here in Atlanta ;). He was off work work for MLK, but I unfortunately was not. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to bust out my new fur vest to lift my spirits and keep me somewhat cozy and warm. It not only did that, but it also made me feel almost as fab as Rachel Zoe. I may or may not have used the terms "bananas" and "cray cray" excessively yesterday..

(Vest: Zara, Top: Target, Pants: Old Navy, Boots: Target, Watch: Michael Kors)
What are you doing to stay warm these days?!

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  1. Its the little things in life isn't it!? Such a great vest and of course you pull this great look off with ease.


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