Amanda or Iris?

As I slowly begin to decorate my house I find I'm torn between two styles. These 2 styles can pretty much be summed up in the movie, The Holiday.  I love the cozy cottage feel of Iris's English countryside home, but I also love the chic modern feel of Amanda's LA mansion. They are both "Totally Brill!"
Just look at Iris's living room. Aren't those ceiling beams incredible?! I have a similar gridded ceiling in my house.
But then, Amanda's living room is gorgeous too with those clean neutral creams and accents of purple!

Don't you just love Iris's blue cabinets?! And that fireplace in the kitchen is to die! So cute!

But then again, how amazing is Amanda's kitchen with those lantern-like chandeliers. It's so clean-line and chic!
Iris's bed is almost an exact replica of my beloved childhood bed (that I still sleep in when I visit my parents).

But I just die for Amanda's upholstered headboard... and remember those remote control black out shades? I wouldn't mind having those!
Ok, stop right now. Tell me this is not the cutest bathroom you've ever seen.. maybe not the most practical for my hubs, but still...

Amanda's bathroom similarly has a free-standing tub, and "furniture-like" cabinets. Her's is much more spacious and hellooo balcony doors.

So, what do you think? Which is your favorite? I promise to post more of my house progress soon~ almost done with the breakfast nook!


  1. The Holiday is one of my favourite movies, and besides the beautiful wardrobe and lovely plotline, the set decorations are also one of the reasons why. I can see why you struggle choosing between the two. Though I have to say, I'm a little more skewed towards the English cottage, save for that wonderful, bright and spacious LA bathroom. :P

  2. Hi Ana! It's one of my favorites too! It's such a hard decision! Haha! :)


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