Few and Far Between

I am in LOVE with this weather we are having! When you live in Georgia and the temps get below 80, you go outside and cherish every second you can! These days are few and far between :)
But then there's the question....what do you wear?!
It's not quite time to unpack my winter wardrobe from under my bed, and temps are still hitting over 90 at some parts of the day, so this makes getting dressed interesting. My solution? I opted to throw this blazer on over one of my summer dresses. Boom! Problem solved. :)

I love when it gets chilly enough to layer! I can't wait to slowly start mixing some lightweight layers with my summer stuff!
(Blazer: H&M, dress: Target, shoes: Target, watch: Michael Kors, Sunglasses: Loft)
How do you transition your wardrobe in weather like this?


  1. Jacket weather is my all time favorite weather. I think I have more jackets/blazers than any other item of clothing. Once it gets just a little bit cooler, I'll start wearing my ankle boots with my summer dresses.

    So glad I got to meet you at C Wonder as well! Hopefully we'll see each other other again at some future ATL fashion blogger events.

  2. I love love LOVE your look! I wanted that dress from Target, but they're all sold out in that color over here. Only the blue one is left from what I've seen, blehh.

    I'm SO looking forward to busting out the scarves and boots and boot socks and all that. It's still in the 100's though, soooooooo. -_-

  3. Thanks Cath and Morgan! I know! Can't wait till Fall!


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