Fashion's Night Out Atlanta

Did anyone do anything fun for Fashion's Night Out last night? Atlanta really stepped up their game this year! We had a great time! (You may remember my experience at last year's events.) 
Jess of Lady Flashback wrote such a great blog post of our night that I thought you should just read about it over on her blog! Check it out here! 

By the way... that top I'm wearing?.... yeah, it was a dress until about 5 minutes before I rushed out the door last night. It was an awkward length anyway. ;) Follow me at nmcmyler on Instagram for more dressing room madness~ haha!


  1. Way cute ladies! Looks like fun...SF was a blast also!

    Hot Pink Day
    Libi & Lola

  2. I know that pic! ;) It was great meeting you all last night. You all were so fabulously dressed.


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