A lot like Christmas

I must admit. I am a HUGE Christmas nerd..
My North Pole Village I've collected since I was 14 is proudly lit in my dining room.
We've been eating on paper plates and TV trays so as not to dirty up my winter wonderland dining table. It's all for the cause.

Live garland with burlap accents drapes the fireplace and fills the room with a heavenly smell.
My thankful tree has been placed in a more prominent location. I've decided to keep it there throughout the season to help us keep things in perspective.
I've sewn and monogrammed burlap stockings for Matt and I this year. We'll start the new tradition of filling them for each other.
More burlap ribbon is wrapped around our tiny tree. Silver decorations from our wedding are tucked among the branches.
I just don't buy into the whole "simple Christmas" philosophy. I believe Christmas should be the celebration of the greatest birth on Earth. Why wouldn't you want to go all out? I see it as a birthday party multiplied by 1000.
Come to think of it, I think I need a few more lights....

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