A Piece of Tracy Reese

Imagine me (little old me) getting to own my very own top from the design house of Tracy Reese. Imagine me carrying around a handbag with the name Oscar de la Renta on the tag. And no, I'm not talking about going down to the undergrounds of China Town to make sketch deals for Blood-Diamond-esque merch this time. I just went to Target. That is what I love so much about designer collaborations with budget retailers such as Target and H&M. Otherwise I would only dream of affording such names! Sadly for Target, the Neiman Marcus collab was a huge flop, but lucky for me, the entire collection was 70% off just a few days after Christmas. With the extra cash from Christmas burning a whole in my wallet, how could I resist this sequined damask print number? I couldn't.
(Top: Tracy Reese for Neiman Marcus for Target, Skirt: Thrifted, Shoes: Nine west via DSW, necklace: Forever 21)

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  1. I love the sequins paired with the red skirt. It's a simply adorable outfit!


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