You remember this gorgeous model from the Free People fashion show, right? Ever since I attended that show I've been obsessed with all the inspiring details! I've been meaning to try out this milk maid look; so tonight, I thought I'd give it a whirl. Minus the snow of course....

Step 1: Part hair down the center. I found it was best to start with flat ironed hair to thin it out a bit and make it easier to work with.
Step 2: Braid and tie with a PTH.
Step 3: Wrap the braids over your head and pin in place. The trickiest part is tucking the ends under the braid so they can't be seen. Just keep pinning~!
I finished off this look with my new adorable pair of Tiny Triangles earrings that Rebecca Hewitt was  kind enough to send me. Aren't they just absolutely darling? Pick yours up here!  And while you're over there check out my shop too! I've got lots of new designs up!

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