Etsy Guide: Anchors

Trend alert!! Trend alert!! Anchors are in! Have you noticed this little trend? I just love it! Perfect for summer! I thought I would continue my "Support Small Business" campaign with this Etsy guide to anchors.
  • Delicate gold knuckle ring by Letter Searing. I just love the midi ring trend and this little gem can be purchased for only $11.80!
  • Vintage sailor swimsuit by Esther From the Sticks. Ok, so not only is this a cute Etsy shop, but I've also been following Esther's adorable blog for a long time now. She simply amazes me with her talent! She's great at altering vintage clothing and making cool videos and photos. Oh, and she designed her own prom dress. By the way, she's only 18! Obsessed. The swimsuit is not a bad price at all at $45.
  • Nautical Sailor Sweatshirt by Friendly Oak. Can't you just picture wearing this with some denim cut offs while sailing and eating lobster? ..........Ok, back from my little daydream. This sweatshirt is only $25!
  • Gold anchor charm necklace by Cute Jewelers. Again, a lovely, delicate piece of jewelry that's perfect for summer. And great news! It's on sale for $10.
  • Navy and pink anchor food pics by Moose's Creations. If you love to entertain as much as I do, these are just perfect for your little summer clam bake or shrimp boil. You can get a set of 24 for just $4.


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