Feel Good Moments

How do you take a moment to feel good in the middle of your work week? We all need those little boosts to keep our spirits high and our stress level low-- amirite? It's been especially important for me to find ways to feel good while being preggo! I've had to get creative since wine is out of the question! So today, with the help of my friends over at Deer Park, I'm sharing a list of ways I reduce stress.
1. Take a bubble bath. I've discovered my favorite bubble bath from Bath and Body Works which has eucalyptus and spearmint in it to combat stress.
2. The Spa Pandora station. On those super crazy days I play this while I'm taking a bubble bath (Note: don't listen to this station at work-- it will put you straight to sleep!)
 3. Get a massage. Every night I try and convince my hubby to rub my shoulders and back. He's been sweet to accommodate me most nights since I'm pregnant (it's one of the perks).
 4. Make a list. The main contributor to my stress is having too much to do and too little time. Sometimes breaking it down into a day by day list can be helpful. You may see that you really can get everything done after all.
5. Shop! Treat yourself to a little shopping spree. Sometimes just buying a new pair of shoes can bring me so much happiness. Limit yourself though-- emotional shopping can be dangerous. Ha~!
6. Make a special treat! I'm not a big water drinker, but yet I know it's sooo important for you! Luckily, I've recently discovered how yummy the new Deer Park Sparkling Water is. The sparkle adds just enough of a taste to make me feel like I'm not just drinking plain old boring water. Oh, and somehow drinking it out of a wine glass adds to the happy vibes.

So tell me, what are things you like to do to feel good? 

Thanks to Deer Park® Brands Sparkling Natural Spring Waters for sponsoring today's discussion

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