Here's the final recap~! What were your fav's?

What were my favorite looks? #5 and #21~ I love the skirt belt thing.
What was my least favorite: #15~ just not that creative.
What was my most re-mixed piece? The floral Target dress (as seen in #3,10, 21, and 27)and Loft Jeans (#4, 15, 24, 25, 30)
What one piece from my closet do I wish I had thrown in the mix? My blue shorts, because they were nice and summery and it's about to be too late to wear them!
Will I ever do this challenge again? Oh fahuure-sure.
Well friends, I even took the day off work tomorrow to celebrate this challenge being over~! (Haha- that's not exactly true... but kinda).  You know, sometimes you just need a day.......to go shopping by yourself, to watch Regis and Kelly, to eat breakfast somewhere other than inside your car, to go to a book store and catch up on all the September issues I haven't had time to read, to eat greasy food court food, and to work on my Etsy Shop. Sounds like a great day to me....eek!


  1. My favorites are 21 and 27! But of course they were all wonderful!!! ;) xoxo

  2. I think 3 and 6 would be my favorites. I think #5 was an "editor's pick" on Chictopia!

  3. 3,5,and 13 are my favorites. You did a really great job; no two outfits look the same. Lend me some inspiration pleeeease...I'm already feeling a little stuck on my 30 for 30. Congrats on finishing up!

  4. What I love about this challenge is that even though they are the same 30 pieces, it doesn't look like the same outfits AT ALL. Shows me that I really need to reexamine how I pack for vacations.

    I love #6 and #25.


  5. I love 11 and 25! Nicely done! :)

  6. You did such a great job! And it sounds like you planned a fun day off. :)

  7. it was hard to pick but my favs were 6, 10 and 28


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