Autumn in the Park Cape

I'm absolutely in love with capes this Fall! (Who isn't, right?) It's the perfect thing to throw on for an Autumn walk in the park! I decided it would be more fun (and a lot cheaper) to make my own cape, so.....
Presenting: the Autumn in the Park Cape.

I fell in love with this brown plaid fabric~ nothing says Fall like plaid! I wanted the cape to feel like I was snuggling up in a blanket all day so I designed it sort of oversize. And then of course, I knew my cape had to have a bow!

This weekend weather was perfection! We just had to get out and enjoy it at Peidmont Park on Saturday. We even grabbed lunch at a little cafe we found. It was such a presh day~ hehe.

Cape: Presh (by me)
Leggings/pants: Target
Boots: Belk
Shades: Forever 21

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. I love the cape! You're so talented!

  2. The cape is a beautiful design.

  3. Omg that cape is adorable! I don't usually go for plaid but it's perfect in cape form.


  4. Thanks everyone! And it wasn't that hard to make actually!

  5. Okay, hold the phone. You MADE that?! AMAZING! It's so adorable on you!

    And don't tell my hairstylist this because I JUST grew my bangs out, but you're making me want to cut them again. Ahhh! NEED THE CUTENESS.

  6. perfect. that cape is aaaamazing.
    you look lovely.

  7. This cape is beautiful! I love everything about it: the plaid, the volume, the 3/4 length sleeve. And the bow just has to be the sweetest detail!

  8. Right im stealing that bad boy!
    Its fab!!!
    Well done, really really beautiful.


  9. I love your cape. It's fabulous! Great job!!! Did you free form this one? or did you use a pattern?

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. Sharonlei, thank you! I just free formed it. It's really just like making a full circular skirt. Then I just sewed it together at the hem on the sides to make the arm holes. Then I rolled up and tacked the armholes. Hope that made sense! I can do a tutorial soon.

  11. FABULOUS!!!!!! you did a great job and you photos are beautiful.



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