Meeting Grace Bonney!

Do you read Design Sponge? I'm sure you do! When I heard Grace was writing a book I was so excited! I was even more excited when I heard I would have the chance to meet her on her book tour in Atlanta!   She's like a blogger legend! ha!

So here she is signing my book. She is just as adorable in real life as her blog!

This is my friend and coworker Susan and I with Grace! Needless to say we were a little starstruck since we read Design Sponge daily in our free time at work. :)

Any guess on where my outfit inspiration came from?....

Oh yeah, that's right...straight from Grace's adorable book promo video. It's the sincerest form of flattery right? ;)

(Skirt- thrifted, jacket- HandM, Top- Express, Boots- Target)

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