Weekend Projects

I was busy busy this weekend! It was the fun kind of busy though! I made a huge list of projects I want to get done and decided to check a couple of those off my list!
My first project was to sew up this pillow with my new fabric that just came in. Don't you just love chevron? I love that the brown and gray colors make the playful print seem so sophisticated. You can buy it here!

 Next, I made this little sign for my sewing room. I embroidered the letters onto burlap, then I cut out the sewing machine silhouette using black fabric and used spray adhesive to glue it down. Then I just wrapped the burlap around a canvas and framed it in an old black frame.
I also hung up these cute vintage looking hangers I found while antique shopping last weekend. They have little clips on them so I clipped some old patterns to them. My sewing chair got a little makeover as well. She was originally light pink, but I decided to go for a more sophisticated almond color.
Matt joined in on the project list too! His job was to put up my new porch swing. I have always always wanted a swing for my front porch and today that dream came true~ha! Maybe it's a southern girl thing. You can find the swing here. The shipping is free and it ships in like 2 days.
By the end of our busy day we were quite ready to relax at one of our favorite restaurants for cinco de mayo!


  1. I absolutely adore all your ideas here. Great blog and I'm so happy you found mine. I think the Ralph Lauren sandals won!

  2. I wish I had more time to do D.I.Y. projects! Looks like you came up with some great ideas.


  3. Love the pillow with the chevron fabric. I've been thinking about setting up a little area to sew for the last few weeks...maybe I'll get to it next week!

    Pink Chai Style

    1. Thank you Raj! Go for it! Can't wait to see what you sew!


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