50 shades of mint: day 4

Last, but most certainly not least, I'm concluding this mint series with this fabulous mint necklace. Strangers stop me on the street for this necklace. I couldn't even place my order for some chicken nuggets without all the Chick-fil-a workers gathering around in awe of this thing. It's a show stopper I'm telling ya!

It's kind of unfortunate how hard it is to explain where I got this necklace because everyone wants to know! It's easiest if I can just give you the link. It's by Geranium and I bought it from this girl. She has the cutest things and a cute blog too!
I love a cute short in the summer. I just feel like on us long-legged girls, shorts can tend to look too short (ahmm- know what I mean?). That's why I like to "class it up" with a lightweight long-sleeved blouse.

And by the way, did you notice the cute gold zippers?
(top: Loft, shorts: Zara, necklace: Wine Taste Girl ,shoes:Target)

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