50 shades of Mint- day 5

I know, I know. I told you that last post was the final one in the 50 shades of mint series. Buuuut, then I spotted this great mint-colored building on the way to work. Well, with this outfit, can you blame me? I just had to do one more mint post! Annnd I can't make any promises this will be the last. ;)
One of the trends I'm most pumped about this Fall is loafers! They are starting to pop into all the stores in all the funnest colors. I swiped this pair from Target for only $19.99. This style of shoe is perfect for transitioning into Fall. When it's not quite time to bust out the boots yet, I'll throw these on.

(top: Target, pants: Zara, shoes: target, purse: Michael Kors)
Thank you to the person who decided this old run-down building needed to be painted mint. You are spot on trend whoever you are. :)

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