Notes from a Photography Class

Matt and I had a fun time at our photography class in Little 5 Points this weekend! We bought a Cannon Rebel a few months back and have mainly been using the "green" automatic mode this entire time. We were too intimidated to switch to manual! After a few hours of class and practice we feel comfortable enough never to be in green mode again! Here are a few of our photos and tips we learned!

Unamused kitty behind glass.
Tip: We kept our setting on AV setting for aperture priority throughout the class. We learned that the smaller the focus, the smaller the aperture number you need. The smaller the number, the bigger the opening will be. See how the background is blurred below because the focus is on the small graffiti?
Tip: The rule of 3rds is really important when composing your photo. You never want your subject in dead center. It makes for a far more interesting photo when draw an imaginary tic-tact-to board on your photo and place the subject in one of the 4 cross sections of the board.

Tip: This photo below was taken on the lowest aperture possible. If your camera won't focus on the object you want, switch over to manual focus (switch is near the lens) so that you can tell the camera what object you want in focus.
Tip: One thing that made a world of difference in our photos was altering the white balance. When we switched from "sunny" to "cloudy" it really warmed up the photos! Our instructor advised to always keep on partially cloudy setting even on a sunny day.
Tip: We also learned the importance of your ISO setting. This has to do with your shutter speed. Basically, the darker it is, the higher you need to set your ISO. Always remember though, you loose quality on higher numbers.Your photo will be much grainier/noisier. For a sunny day: use about 200. For a cloudy day: set to 400 or 800.
It's amazing the amount of difficulty that goes into learning photography! I have a high respect for all you professional photographers out there. Matt and I still have a ways to go in mastering our DSLR! For all you amateurs, I hope you learned a few tips from our class! If you have any tips for us, please share!

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